Here at Olen we know Black Friday. We've spent hours restocking tables in the mall. We've diligently planned for sales and markdowns. We've made special (cheap) product that we could promote at a deep discount to get people in stores. We've played the game. 

Every year the discounts get steeper, which means the costs get cheaper. Which means fabric quality goes down. Wages go down. Snaps get cheaper. Wash times get shorter.  And then you have to do it all again the following year, even more aggressively.

We don't want to play that way anymore. So while Olen is open for business today, we aren't "celebrating" Black Friday. If you happen to be sitting on the couch recovering from Thanksgiving (or recovering from family on Thanksgiving) and are doing some early holiday shopping, we'd of course love for you to check us out.

BUT we'll love it even more if you come back on Monday and tell us about all your adventures over the weekend. Did you go hiking? Did you meet friends at a bar to watch football? Did you crush it in a Turkey Trot? Lindsay will be spending Black Friday bike riding in the Hudson River Valley and begging her dad to let her drive his car (#newyorkerwithoutacar) and Chelsea will be at the beach playing in the sand with her daughter and family, thankful that the heat wave has finally broken in LA.

We also want to give a "hell yea" to REI, who closed their doors today and told their employees and customers to #optoutside. So please join them, and us, and get some fresh air and blue sky this Black Friday.


The Olen Fam

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